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One of the most frequently asked questions is: “How many days do I have to work to renew my work and holiday visa (462)?”

  • Three months, that is, a period equivalent to 88 days in full-time (5 days a week, 35h / week) in agriculture, tourism or hotels in the North of Australia
  • You do not have to work the 3-month period all at once or with just one employer

This requirement can be met by working:

  • 5 days a week for a continuous period of 3 months (88 days)
  •  88 days of work for a period of more than 3 months (eg if you are working less than 5 days a week or intermittently between periods of travel)
  • In a combination of full-time and part-time up to 88 days

You can not apply for renewal of the work and holiday visa with a work period of less than 3 months.

The work can be:

How many days do I have to work to renew my work and holidayHow many hours have a work day?

It depends on what is stipulated in each sector. If you do not know the industry standard time use 7 hours a day / 35h a week as a reference.

You should note that:

– A period of more than 8 hours does not count as more than one working day. (Ex: if the standard time is 7 hours a day, working 14 hours a day does not correspond to 2 working days)

– In cases where the applicant has more than one employer, he can only count every day of full civil work. (Ex: 7 hours in a farm during the day and 7 hours in a restaurant in the evening, corresponds to only 1 day of work)

– If you are working fewer hours than the industry standard, you should work more days. (Ex: if you work 4 hours a day you will have to work the equivalent 6 months of work to obtain the 88 days)

– Full-time workers may only count sick days if they are in paid employment, are entitled to sick leave or are covered by workers’ compensation schemes. In these situations, the employer must provide supporting evidence.

– Applicants who were prevented from obtaining work due to injuries or seasonal circumstances can not count on the time they were unable to work. (Eg cyclones interrupting harvesting activities).

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