Study English in Australia

Studying English is an excellent platform upon which to build your life in Australia.  Many migration visas require you to have a high standard of English to be considered a valid candidate. Whether you take a short two week intensive course, or a year long immersion program, Ausvisto can find the right course for you. We work with a network of English colleges across all major cities and regions in Australia and can enrol you into your school of choice.

Why study English in Australia?

  • World renowned education system

  • Australia is an Affordable option

  • Practice English outside of class

  • Prepare for further study in Australia

  • Enhance your employment opportunities

What type of Course should I do?

Choose a course which suits your needs on a short or long term basis. Speak to one of our experienced agents to find out more about your options.
General English generally has a focus on informal and formal spoken English and general communicative skills in Australia.
English for Academic Purposes is generally based on the spoken and written English you will need for further study in Australia.
Exam preparation courses combine general skills and knowledge development plus exam orientation and practice for English assessment.
English for Special Purposes courses such as English for Business, English for Health Professionals, English for Hospitality can prepare you for the work environment.


  • Work with Ausvisto to select the course you want

  • Ausvisto will arrange your enrolment

  • Receive a letter of offer

  • Pay enrolment fees for your course

  • Receive a Certificate of Enrolment (COE)

  • Ausvisto will apply for your student visa

  • Pack your bags for Australia

  • Start the adventure of a lifetime


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