Jobs in Northern Australia – Work & Holiday Renewal

By December 6, 2017News, Trabalho


To get the second Work and Holiday (462) visa, you must have completed the equivalent of 3 months of work (88 days on a full-time basis, or 35 hours per week) in Northern Australia. This work should be completed during your first Work and Holiday visa.

Valid work permitting the renewal of the visa must be renumbered in accordance with Australian Government legislation. Volunteering is not accepted for visa renewal purposes. The valid industries are:

  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Planting and cutting of trees
  • Hospitality and Tourism


Ativities included in each sector and valid for the application for the second Work and Holiday visa (462).



  • Harvesting and / or packing fruits and vegetables
  • Clean / cut vines and trees

Note: This hould be the main activity of the candidate and should be directly associated with the cultivation and commercial sale of plant products, such as fruits and nuts (commercial horticulture activities). Garden / field maintenance is not eligible.

  • General maintenance work
  • Growing plants
  • Processing of vegetable products
  • Caring for animals with the aim of selling them or selling their produce (ex. milk)
  • Processing of products of animal origin

Note: Secondary processing of products of animal origin such as the processing of small commodities is not eligible.

  • Manufacture of dairy products from raw materials
  • Fruit Harvest
  • Feeding and grazing of cattle on a farm
  • Breeding of horses and poultry farming
  • Environmental and conservation reforestation work

Examples of Subclasses Specified as Not Readable in Work and Holiday 462:

  • Working as a babysitter on a farm
  • Working in a winery offering wine tastings


  • Operations directly related to the capture of fish and other aquatic species
  • Operations directly related to the capture or cultivation of pearls

Tree planting and slaughtering

  • Planting or maintaining trees for slaughter
  • Slaughtering of trees in a plantation or forest
  •  ​​Transportation of trees or parts of trees that have gone to the place where they are to be ground or processed

Hospitality and Tourism

  • The main objective is to directly provide a service to tourists, including guides and tour operators, adventure or outdoor instructors and tourist transport services
  • Gallery or museum managers, curators, guides or hotel workers, including a variety of locations in hotels or other accommodation facilities, restaurants, cafes, bars and casinos
  • Conference and event organizers

To apply for renewal of the Work and Holiday visa work:

– Must have one of the activities listed above

– It should be the main function or activity performed during the candidate’s employment.

Note: Eligible work in the tourism and hospitality industry should appear on the hospitality and tourism occupancy list, which is based on Australia and New Zealand Standard Occupational Classification (ANZSCO) codes.

For more information, contact Ausvisto.